Secure all endpoints.
Protect data.
Preserve customer trust.

Achieve full visibility into every device on your network—in real time.

DEMO VIDEO: Watch for a technical overview of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™.

Endpoint Visibility

Understand what endpoints—traditional, IoT and medical—are connecting to your network, where they are located and how they behave—in real time.


Asset Inventory + Onboarding

Give your team time back by maintaining an accurate, automated list of network-attached endpoints, including managed and unmanaged, authorized and unauthorized devices. Automate network authentication and streamline device onboarding.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Prevent threats from wreaking havoc in your environment by detecting network intrusions, rogue devices and anomalous endpoint behaviors in real time.


Flexible Enforcement

Take incident response timelines from months to hours with flexible, automated enforcement capabilities that speed remediation workflows, maintain network availability requirements and ensure security compliance and continuity.

Unmatched Endpoint Visibility and Security

See the sixth generation Great Bay Network Intelligence PlatformTM in action.

Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform - Network Topology
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