Closing the IoT Security Gap: Great Bay Software™ Unveils the Industry’s First Enterprise-Class Risk Intelligence and Scoring Module

Powered by the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™, the new Great Bay Risk Intelligence™ module provides transparent and intuitive risk scoring for all connected devices – enabling real-time risk identification, remediation and response


MINNEAPOLIS, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Great Bay Software, an IoT security and operations leader, today unveiled Great Bay Risk Intelligence™, a new module released with version 6.2 of its Network Intelligence Platform.  The innovative risk scoring technology arms enterprises with a highly relevant assessment of network-connected IT, IoT and IoMT devices, while enabling security teams to quickly obtain granular device context in order to speed risk remediation.

Unlike legacy one-size scoring tools that deliver static “black box” reports, Great Bay Risk Intelligence leverages transparent scoring and enables custom configuration to ensure relevant and actionable assessments in real-time.  Risk scores are calculated for each individual device and across all connected IoT devices, based on four critical endpoint factors: Operating Systems, Profile Identities, Device Communications, and ingested risk data from a company’s third-party Integrations.  Each factor can be weighted according to the customer’s distinct needs and security considerations.  In addition, the highly intuitive Risk Intelligence scoring interface supplies security professionals with a fully transparent understanding of risk factors – and the ability to drill down to the individual device level within 2-3 clicks.

“The proliferation of unknown and unmanaged IT, IoT and IoMT devices has expanded the attack surface in organizations of all sizes, and the vast majority are still blind to the threats on their network,” said Abed Lawabni, VP of Product Engineering at Great Bay Software.  “This lack of visibility is made worse by an ongoing shortage of skilled IT security talent combined with an abundance of siloed tools and manual processes.  Our Network Intelligence Platform is designed to deliver intuitive device visibility and control at scale throughout the device lifecycle – and we saw an unmet industry-wide need for accurate and relevant risk scoring.  Our Risk Intelligence module uses robust methods that assess risk based on each organization’s unique security needs, delivering relevant results that enable teams to quickly see, understand and manage threats.”

Unknown and unmanaged devices account for at least two-thirds of all endpoints on an organization’s network, posing significant risk.  Meanwhile, an increasingly sophisticated population cyber attackers are actively working to exploit known device vulnerabilities to infiltrate corporate networks.  All organizations are at risk and those in the industries of healthcare, financial services, retail, transportation, and manufacturing are targeted most frequently.  The consequences of a device breach can inflict significant organizational damage – from financial loss and brand reputation, to compromised medical therapies and threats to patient life-safety.  With robust device profile libraries and agentless architecture, Great Bay Software is one of the few providers on the market today that is able to detect, monitor and manage a wide array of device types, including IT, IoT and IoMT – and healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) are one of the company’s fastest growing segments.

“By 2020, more than 25% of identified attacks in healthcare delivery organizations will involve IoT…  The time to take action to thwart the risk of IoT in the HDO is now.  HDOs will experience exponential growth of smart devices across the depths and breadth of the enterprise,” notes Gartner, Inc., in Evolving IoT Security Risks Demand New Approaches to Healthcare Delivery Organizations, Gregg Pessin, June 25, 2018.

In addition to the Risk Intelligence module, the new 6.2 version of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform includes several additional security and operational capabilities designed to deliver critical device visibility and enforcement, including:

  • Ecosystem Integration & Orchestration – Great Bay’s open platform, APIs and data connectors enable bi-directional integration with other enterprise applications and security systems – an approach has the power to make all systems more efficient and effective, with a lower overall TCO.
  • Crowdsourced device detection and profiling capabilities – powered by machine learning and advanced profiling capabilities, 6.2 customers have the opportunity to participate in a crowdsource network for faster identification and profiling of new device types.
  • Reporting & Analytics Server – Arms analysts with near real-time replication of production data for advanced risk modeling and testing, with no impact to production systems.

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About Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software is an IoT security and operational efficiency leader that provides comprehensive visibility and control over endpoints on the network so organizations can secure data, preserve customer trust and protect revenue.  By delivering real-time insight into device identity, location and behavior, Great Bay helps organizations identify and respond to potential threats and improve operational efficiency, all while supporting millions of connected devices.