Case Study: Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization

Financial Services Firm Achieves Compliance with Automated Asset Inventory

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“Without Great Bay in place, there would be no possible way to keep track of the 500,000 endpoints on our network, 70% of which do not support the installation of an agent. It’s reassuring to know that we have the most comprehensive, real-time monitoring in place to stave off attacks and prevent security breaches before they happen.”

Director of IT


  • 500,000 endpoints identified, profiled, monitored and secured
  • Over $2 Trillion in managed assets
  • More than 100 global geographic markets


  • Achieved full compliance with banking and financial regulations
  • Reduced security blind spots by maintaining real-time visibility into every endpoint on the network
  • Decreased time-to-response by continuously monitoring devices and detecting behavior anomalies and potential threats
  • Achieved deeper level of security by seamlessly integrating with existing Network Access Control (NAC) solution

Covering All the Bases

For a global Fortune 500 financial services institution, knowing in real time what devices are connecting to the network and how they are behaving is mission critical. This is especially important in today’s workplace in which an increasing amount of endpoints that do not hold a security supplicant are connecting to the network. These non-traditional, network-attached endpoints create additional security blind spots for the business because they are prime entry points for hackers.

In addition, regulatory compliance requirements, such as PCI, DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, GLBA and the Patriots Act, are also major security policy drivers for the institution. For example, most regulatory requirements state that a complete and up-to-date inventory of all network attached devices must be accessible, which makes traditional network scanning tools highly inefficient. As more and more non-supplicant holding devices, such as printers, thermostats and IP cameras are connecting to the network, the requirement of maintaining an accurate and current inventory is a significant challenge for most financial institutions. As the bank’s Director of IT states, “The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™ is unmatched in its ability to monitor endpoint behavior and automate flexible enforcement protocols to stop hacking attempts and breaches before they occur. Considering the hundreds of thousands of endpoints we must monitor, the platform’s reach seems limitless in its ability to pinpoint abnormal device behavior, enabling us to get ahead of an event before any escalation occurs.”

A Better Way to Prevent MAC Spoof Attempts

All network-enabled devices have a Media Access Control (MAC) address that is used by the network to identify and authenticate the device. However, the MAC address can easily be changed so that a rogue device can attempt to enter an organization’s secured network while appearing as a known or managed device. Once the network has been penetrated, both corporate and customer data is at risk. Undetected rogue devices on the network can filter small amounts of valuable data out of the organization over a long period of time without raising any suspicion.

The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™ detects every device on the network in real time and continuously monitors those devices for anomalous behaviors, which can indicate a security event in progress. The platform also provides Security and IT teams with the flexibility to automate enforcement actions, such as forcing a re-authentication process, quarantining the device or even blocking network access.

Per the institution’s Director of IT, “When someone decides to break in, they don’t care what door they use to enter. They just need access. Great Bay provides us with a solution that locks every door, regardless of what size or shape.” “With Great Bay Software in place, we have the utmost confidence that we’ll not only meet, but exceed all of the regulatory requirements our institution needs to keep our customers safe and secure as we handle their financial futures.”

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