Great Bay Software Delivers Significant IoT Security Enhancements With Release 5.2

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Great Bay Software, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) security, introduced today the release of Beacon Product Suite version 5.2. With this release Great Bay Software delivers new ways for customers to leverage the value of Beacon’s advanced data analytics and bolster their network device security. Available immediately, 5.2 delivers enhanced data reporting, greater network infrastructure support and advanced breech detection. Research firm Gartner says that IoT devices have increased 31% from 2016 to 2017, hitting 8.4 billion connected “things” this year, and that the number will surge to 20.4 billion by 20201. With the huge growth of IoT in all segments–especially in healthcare, manufacturing and finance–Great Bay stays ahead of the curve with continuous product enhancements.

Great Bay Software’s Beacon Product Suite leads the industry in enterprise-class device discovery, visibility and control. Beacon’s artificial intelligence expert system-based engine collects and correlates information from dozens of data sources. As a result, Beacon discovers every device–IoT, smart and unmanaged–within seconds of connecting to the network. It provides complete visibility and maintains a rich historical device database in its Warehouse of Context™. Beacon includes the industry’s most comprehensive library of device profiles that allows enterprises to understand exactly what the connected devices is–an infusion pump, a programmable logic controller, an ATM machine, an HVAC system and more.

“With Beacon Product Suite 5.2, Great Bay continues to stay ahead of the IoT security curve by delivering industry leading capabilities to our customers,” said Jim Scullion, CEO at Great Bay Software. “Our strategy is to help enterprises of all sizes get ahead of the rapidly growing threat from the innate security risks of IoT devices. The Beacon Product Suite release 5.2 takes an important step in that direction.”

What’s New in Beacon Product Suite 5.2

Expanded Network Infrastructure Support

  • Beacon Suite supports open, standards based network infrastructure. Its functionality applies to all networked devices independent of vendor and equipment. At the same time, many enterprise network vendors expand their solution capabilities and system interfaces through proprietary protocols. Great Bay develops customized profiles to deepen vendor integration and support beyond just standards based interfaces. With the 5.2 release, we further extend our reach in the enterprise wireless market with the addition of Aruba product integration. Through direct Access Point data collection Beacon now provides enhanced support for Cisco, Aruba and Meraki networks. In addition, this release adds further integration and support for Brocade switches.

Enhanced Reporting and Enriched User Experience

  • The 5.2 release provides more streamlined access to the Warehouse of Context, enabling deeper reporting on device activity such as profile changes, endpoint connection type and authentication statistics. Through a single management portal customers can more readily gain the big picture view for all devices, enabling faster response times to suspicious events. For example, the new Beacon Heat Map provides a graphical, intuitive and in-depth view of profile variables and changes for every networked device. Flexible data access and view options also enable customers to simplify time consuming tasks such as creating compliance reports or asset inventory lists.

Advanced MAC Spoof Detection

  • MAC spoofing is simple to do and can go unnoticed. Any malicious attacker can easily find and duplicate an authorized MAC address–especially via IoT and other unmanaged devices. However, protecting against MAC spoofing is challenging and more often than not this type of attack goes undetected. With Beacon’s contextual awareness of device profile and behavior, MAC address duplication can be quickly detected and reported. Now with the 5.2 release, device movement, location and IP address can trigger a Beacon event, send an alert and be acted upon in moments.


Beacon Product Suite 5.2 is available immediately on a subscription-basis.

About Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software provides organizations complete real-time visibility and control over all devices on the most complex of global networks. Great Bay Software’s Warehouse of Context serves as the industry’s richest repository of real-time information on all managed and unmanaged endpoints. Security and IT operations teams use Great Bay’s easy-to-deploy, agentless solution to continuously discover, monitor and enforce access policies on every endpoint, which is critical given that two-thirds of an organization’s devices, including printers, fax machines and IoT, are typically unmanaged. Great Bay’s unprecedented speed, scale and simplicity give organizations the power to more effectively protect against modern-day threats, simplify regulatory compliance and streamline operations. For more information about Great Bay Software visit or call (763) 251-1400.


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