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2018 CDR: Current Security Issues Facing the Market

CyberEdge Group’s Steve Piper reviews key findings and share insights from the 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report.

5 Best Practices for Mitigating Medical Device Security

This white paper outlines five best practices for mitigating the security risks associated with connected medical devices.

Achieving Endpoint and Network Security with Great Bay Software

Learn how the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™ enables endpoint and network security.

Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Learn how the AAFCU was able to detect, profile, monitor and secure 5,000+ managed and unmanaged devices on its network.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Learn how a world-class, pediatric hospital achieved secure network access for its medical devices with the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™.

Be Cybersecurity Aware: Make Sure Your Network-Attached Endpoints Are Under Control

Read this article for tips to double-check your level of endpoint cybersecurity awareness.

Building an IoT Security Framework

Learn steps for establishing an endpoint and IoT security framework for your organization.

City of Greater Sudbury

Learn how the City of Greater Sudbury achieved full visibility into all devices connecting to the network—in real time.

Complete IoT Security Solution Guide

Download this comprehensive solution guide to learn about Great Bay’s Network Intelligence Platform, modules and use cases. Complete IoT Security Solution Guide

Cyberthreat Defense Report

This report provides key insights and perceptions of IT security pros regarding the current security threats their peers are facing.

Cyberthreat Defense Report Executive Summary

This summary compiles the results of the Cyberthreat Defense Report, a comprehensive review of the perceptions of global IT security professionals.

Cyberthreat Defense Report Overview

A visual snapshot of the Cyberthreat Defense Report’s key findings from 1,200 IT security professionals.

Cyberthreat Defense Report Security Overview

Get a view of security’s biggest challenges this year based upon findings from the Cyberthreat Defense Report.

Demo Video: Endpoint Visibility and Asset Inventory & Onboarding

Check out this brief video to see the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform detect and identify network-connected endpoints in real time.

Demo Video: Flexible Enforcement

Watch this brief video for a demonstration of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™’s flexible options to speed incident response and remediation timelines.

Demo Video: Know your real-time IoT risk at a glance

See how the Great Bay Risk Intelligence™ module enables security and operations teams to quickly see, understand, and remediate threats in real-time. VIEW VIDEO

Demo Video: Real-Time Threat Detection

Watch this brief video to see how the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™ detects rogue devices and anomalous endpoint behavior in real time.

Do You Know Who and What Is Connected to Your Network?

Check out this webinar for a holistic approach to cybersecurity management in healthcare for clinicians, risk management and InfoSec professionals.

Endpoint Visibility: Creating Efficiency via Automated Asset Inventory

Learn how real-time endpoint visibility drives operational efficiency via automated asset inventory.

First Aid Kit for Medical Device Security

Get resources that have been specifically curated for healthcare security pros who protect patient safety and sensitive ePHI data.

Fortune 500 Financial Services Institution

Learn how a Fortune 500 Financial Services institution achieved compliance and reduced security blind spots and incident response timelines.

Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™

Watch this brief demo video for an overview of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™.

Great Bay Software: Our Purpose

Jim Scullion, CEO at Great Bay Software, explains the company’s mission and purpose.

Great Bay Software: Solving IoT Security and Operational Challenges

This overview provides a brief, corporate description of Great Bay Software.

How Medical Devices Are Helping Patient Care, Hindering Security

A panel of industry experts discuss how medical devices are evolving the patient care continuum and experience but pose complex challenges for Security and IT teams.

How Medical Devices Risk Patient Safety and Security

Discover how secure medical devices can achieve operational efficiencies, provide better patient care and reduce the overall risk to patient safety.

Incident Response: What’s Your ROI

Learn some of the biggest drivers contributing to slow response times and their financial implications.

IoT Risks & Rewards: What Every CXO Should Know

Deep dive into the business benefits and the potential risks associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT Visibility, Validation & Enforcement

Read this product overview for a technical description of the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform™.

Protecting ePHI and Privacy in an IoMT World

Protecting ePHI and Privacy in an IoMT World

Rain for Rent

Read to learn why Rain For Rent selected Great Bay Software to support its comprehensive IoT and network security strategy.

Secure Corporate Growth by Decreasing the Risk of IoT

Get a framework for assessing your financial institution’s cybersecurity strength, so you can protect against customer churn and revenue loss.

Securing IoT and Network-Connected Endpoints

Industry thought leaders explore best practices for securing IoT and network-connected devices.

The Benefits & Challenges of Medical Device Disruption

An industry panel of experts discusses the security and operational benefits and challenges associated with medical devices.

The Top 20 Cybersecurity Controls: How Many Are In Your Toolkit?

Learn how to use the CIS Cybersecurity Controls framework to better secure your organizations from known cyberthreat vectors.

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